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Orphan Black

Spring has arrived along with wind, rain, snow, and the fourth season of the cult phenomenon, Orphan Black. This Canadian science-fiction thriller deals with cloning, bioethics, eugenics, corporate greed and control, espionage, military secrecy, conspiracies, family dynamics as well as many other topics. The extremely versatile Tatiana Maslany portrays no less than twelve female clones with very distinct personalities and…

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Oh, Those British Detectives...

If you are anything like me, you are currently enthralled with the latest sleuthing duo, Father Sydney Chambers and Inspector Geordie Keating in Grantchester, currently airing on Sunday nights. And you were excited to hear that Masterpiece will air more episodes of Read More

Patron Appreciation Coffee Week

Hurray hurray!  Cheers echo across the nation! The time draws near for Henrietta Library Patron Appreciation! During the week of the 18th to the 23rd of April 2016 We will treat you to a cup of delicious caffeine! Yes, that's right!  Free coffee, just for you!  Freshly brewed each day, with cream and sugar, too. We just wanted to say a word of sincere…

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Storytime All Day!

On Monday, April 18, thousands of runners will experience the history and glory that is the 120th Boston Marathon!  But you don't need to put on sneakers or break a sweat to experience that same level of exhilaration... Instead, come to the Henrietta Library for our Marathon Storytime! We will be hosting all-ages, drop-in storytimes from the time we OPEN…

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WXXI Reachout Radio

WXXI’s Reachout Radio is a service that broadcasts readings of newspapers, magazines, and books to make them available to people who have a visual impairment or disability that makes them unable to use standard print materials. To learn more or apply to be part of the program, visit their web site at


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The Many Faces of Ganesh in Art

During the month of April, we are exhibiting library clerk Archana’s collection of art depicting Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god of wisdom and learning. Archana has been building her collection for 40 years, and created her first drawing of Ganesh in 1976. The statues she is exhibiting are kept on display in her home for inspiration and for her grandchildren…

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What is My Cat Telling Me?

Ever wish you understood your cat better? This Thursday at 7pm, Carolyn Fisher, DVM, presents Cats, Cats, Cats, a program that will focus on the body language of cats. Normal cat behavior and behavior problems will also be discussed.   

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Town of Henrietta Passport Saturday

On Saturday, April 9, the Town Clerk's Office will process passport applications from 10am-12pm by appointment. Please call the Town Clerk's Office at 359-7035 to set up an appointment for yourself or your children. For more information, please visit

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Bargain Shopping

One of my favorite hobbies is shopping at several local thrift stores for great bargains! I especially like to shop when the thrift stores have percentage off sales. I enjoy being able to add some clothes to my wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Don't forget to try on any clothing that you are considering buying to make sure…

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