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All Aboard!

November 05, 2015 at 10:17 AM

This month, we're pleased to share with you "Aleston, a Little English Town that Might Have Been." This exhibit is on loan by the BritRail Modellers of Rochester, established in 2009 to build a British-styled model railway for the annual R.I.T. Tiger Tracks show. They're a loose-knit group of modellers, some British, who enjoy model railways and an occasional beer (hence, 'Aleston'). They stay in touch through a moderated Google Group called "The Railway Station." On their tracks, they run DC and DCC engines and a variety of rolling stock. The basic design of the layout is meant to represent 1960s England, but often includes a favorite engine from another era. Climb aboard and learn about model railways! Discover more about this group of modellers at



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