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For the Love of Rocks

February 10, 2015 at 11:50 AM

We're excited to share with you a collection of rocks and fossils loaned to us by some local rockhounds! Erin, HPL clerk, shares some thoughts on the reasons people collect rocks.

"Why do people collect rocks? There are as many reasons for this hobby (passion) as there are rock hounds in the world. Children start gathering treasures following in their family’s foot steps on the beach, in the woods, by a stream or any place on this vast and beautiful earth. For some, it is solving the mystery of how a rock was formed and what it is made of. Others collect for shape, texture,  color, or sentimental value. Artists search for stones that become part of their creative process. Whatever the reason, we humans have been gathering the jewels of our earth since the beginning of our time and I don’t think the awe and wonder will ever fade." - Erin

Next time you're in, stop by the display case and enjoy this awesome exhibit! 



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