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More Characters than Twitter: Meet Annalise!

November 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM

A former coworker, Dennis Williams, says of Annalise, "She was one of those who knew full well what house she belonged in regarding Harry Potter." Clever, methodical, and with an extreme affinity for Hello-Kitty merchandise, Annalise Ammer proves that she slithers in nicely to the Slytherin mold. The self-proclaimed Children's "Boss-Lady" (Librarian), Annalise joined us at the Henrietta Public Library in July of 2014. Her hobbies include knitting, skiing, and going on prolonged vacations to Skyrim. She is able to recite Chaucer in its original Middle English, which we all know is the same as Parseltongue. As a side note, she's also been known to slip into Middle English when she yells at you. 


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