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Orphan Black

April 17, 2016 at 8:00 PM

Spring has arrived along with wind, rain, snow, and the fourth season of the cult phenomenon, Orphan Black. This Canadian science-fiction thriller deals with cloning, bioethics, eugenics, corporate greed and control, espionage, military secrecy, conspiracies, family dynamics as well as many other topics. The extremely versatile Tatiana Maslany portrays no less than twelve female clones with very distinct personalities and backgrounds. Accents, attitude, and body language along with make-up and wardrobe combine to make each character unique and believable. Although the clones are often very personable, I feel compelled to share a warning -- they are most certainly not Stars Hollow-type folks! Helena has become one of my favorites while Jen, our pop-culture librarian, prefers Alison who is the ultimate "soccer mom" and so much more. There is a binge-watching quality to this series and, in spite of its reality-bending scripts, the show demonstrates plenty of clever writing, intricate plots, and some great special effects. If this series piques your interest, you should stop by HPL where you will find the first three seasons of Orphan Black on DVD. --Debbie, Library Clerk 


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