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February 28, 2013 at 2:32 PM

Last year, I sold my house and got a new job (this one!), so I wound up not taking any vacations, which was a bummer. To make up for it, I'm currently planning several trips--a visit with family and friends out West, a business trip to Chicago, a week with friends in the Outer Banks, and a quick jaunt to Pennsylvania, since it's right there to the south of us and everything. Often when I plan a trip, I don't go far beyond buying a plane ticket and maybe getting tickets for a show. Sometimes I'll buy a travel guide to read on the plane. I buy travel guides rather than borrow them from the library because when I find something I think I want to do, I tear out the page and stuff it in my purse. The guides are HEAVY, and I don't want to lug them around when I'm on the ground.

For this round of trips, though, I'm trying ebooks. I discovered we own a bunch in the library's OverDrive system, and the format seems ideal for travel. I can have the whole book with me all the time on my phone, and it's even more convenient than all those unorganized pages in the bottom of my purse.

In my experience, the different series of travel guides aren't necessarily better or worse than each other, but the Lonely Planet guides are still my favorites, mostly because I really like the cover design. We own a number of the ebooks in the Lonely Planet 48 Hours series, including guides for Miami, Las Vegas, Boston, Los Angeles, and Manhattan. They're short, so they're useful for getting a sense of a place quickly or for business travelers who don't have much time. There are longer Lonely Planet guides, too, for all kinds of places like Canada, Cuba, and Finland.

Because I am always dreaming of places I might go, I enjoy perusing books like 100 Things to Do Before You Die by Neil Teplica. 101 Accessible Vacations by Candy Harrington looks interesting and useful, too. And if you want to think REALLY far into the future, you could try The Best Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century.

Perhaps more practical and timely for families looking ahead to April Break or summer are some of our Disney travel guides: Fodor's Walt Disney World, Fodor's Walt Disney World for Kids, and The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

Not quite what you're looking for? Give us a call or stop by. We still have more travel guides in print than we do electronically, and print does have its advantages. Just please don't tear out the pages. 



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