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The Skimm

June 10, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Some months ago, my friend Terri, director of the Webster Public Library (Hi, Terri!), told me that I needed to subscribe to this hilarious daily news e-mail she’d started reading. I told her I get too much e-mail, but she kept mentioning it and finally wore me down. Now The Skimm’s daily news highlights are an essential part of my morning routine. Sarcastic, hip, self-referential, and also informative, The Skimm’s been helping me keep on top of the presidential primaries and situations like the civil war in Syria while also periodically reminding me that North Korea doesn’t play well with others. And—key if you’re busy (and who isn’t?)—it only takes a couple minutes to read. –Adrienne Furness, Director



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