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Is There Such a Thing as Ethics in the Technology World?

October 21, 2017 at 9:00 PM

"Tech ethics" is a phrase that can elicit confusion, derision, and questions like, "Is there such a thing as ethics in the technology world? What is it and who is responsible for it?" These questions are very much intertwined with questions that can arise in discussions about privacy, specifically individual privacy on the internet, such as, "Who is protecting my privacy? Can I protect my privacy? Are there laws that protect technology users, or are they only for technology companies?" If you have ever wondered about privacy in a digital age or technology ethics or both, here are two podcasts that let you listen in on conversations between people in the industry and journalists who are asking these very questions: the Privacy Paradox Note to Self podcast, and technology entrepreneur Anil Dash's "Tech's Moral Reckoning" in the On Being podcast. --Alicia Reinhardt, Technology Librarian


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