Local History

Historical information about the Town of Henrietta has been collected over the years in a variety of locations. The main collections of this information can be found with the Henrietta Town Historian and the Rochester Public Library's Local History Division, with a smaller collection available at the Henrietta Public Library.

Current Resources Available:

Henrietta Public Library:

  • Henrietta Heritage, by Eleanor Kalsbeck - print and digital
  • Tax Assessment Records, 1850-1908 - digital
  • Cemetery Indexes -  digital
  • Obituaries -  digital
  • Circulating books on Henrietta, the surrounding communities and Western New York
  • Historical Atlases
  • Historical Town maps
  • Rush-Henrietta Yearbooks, 1951-present (incomplete)
  • Census records - microfilm
    • U.S. Census, 1850-1930
    • N.Y.S - 1855, 1865
  • Henrietta Newspapers - microfilm
    • The Observer
    • Henrietta Weekly Jounral, 1961-1987
    • Henrietta Post, 1961-present
  • Access to genealogical database on library computers

The Library has a ScanPro microfilm reader which allows you to view the microfilm on a computer and make digital copies or prints.  Please ask at the reference desk for assistance.

Henrietta Town Historian

  • Family Histories
  • Photographs
  • Maps
  • Historical Documents
  • Tax assessment records 
  • Obituaries
  • Cemetery Indexes
  • Tour of Town Museum available upon request

You can contact the Town Historian: 585-359-7042