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More Characters than Twitter: Cathy

Ms. Cathy is our Children’s Library Clerk, Storytime Hostess extraordinaire, and resident Gryffindor! Despite looking like an adult, she insists that she did not exist before starting her job here ten years ago. Somehow, she magically obtained her BS in Elementary Education at St. Bonaventure (Go Bonnies!), her MS in K-12 Literacy, and is about to obtain her Masters of…

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Visit Our Pop-Up Library at Skycoasters Concert!

Here’s your chance to see the Skycoasters in concert in the Henry Hansen Amphitheater located in Veterans Memorial Park! Enjoy their high-energy performance on Friday, July 22 at 6:30pm. We’ll be there at 7pm with free books for you from our Pop-Up Library, while they last, so be sure to stop by! Our Pop-Up Library is generously…

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Can I Recycle This?

Cereal box? Yes. Empty prescription bottle?  No. It can be tricky to remember which of your disposable items are recyclable, so we’re giving you a handy chart to help you.  There’s also useful information on the chart about how your refuse collector would like you to handle cardboard that doesn’t fit in your recycling bin. Many thanks to,…

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Rome wasn't built in a day, but make a quick stop at Barnes and Noble and you can pick up the LEGO 'Leaning Tower of Pisa' and build that in a day. There's a cathartic release in building with LEGOs, whether you're following the instructions that came with a set or just free-building with numerous scraps you've accumulated over the…

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