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DIY Collection

The Discover It Yourself (DIY) collection is a bunch of unique items that you can check out with your library card and take home to use. Items may be as small as a card game or as large as a telescope. This collection is for all ages. It's your chance to try out a unique, large, or even pricey item before you decide to buy it yourself!

Enjoy trying out something new for 3 weeks!

Air Fort (blow-up playhouse); Item in the DIY Collection

DIY Kit Lending Agreement

Checking out DIY kits

  • DIY kits may be checked out by any library card holder in good standing.

  • The kit circulates for three weeks and cannot be renewed.


Returning DIY kits

  • There is a Content List with every DIY kit. Please make sure all parts are present and that all materials are clean when you bring it back to the library.

  • Do not put kits in the book drop. The kit must be returned to a staff member inside HPL.

  • When you return the DIY kit, it will remain on your account until staff can do a thorough inventory of its contents, which can take some time. When everything has been checked, we will backdate and remove it from your account.


If you lose or damage something

  • If the kit is lost or is never returned, you will be billed the replacement cost.

  • If a part of the kit is missing, our staff will notify you. If you cannot find the item/s, the library may charge a fee to replace the items.

  • If something is damaged, our staff will notify you. The library may charge a fee to replace part or all of the kit.

VIP Passes

Very Important Places (VIP) passes provide a library users with discount to enjoy the best of Monroe County’s arts and cultural treasures. Bring a VIP pass to the location and enjoy discounted admission or ticket purchases.

You only have one week to use a VIP pass, so be sure to plan your visit!

Jones' Farm House at Genesee Country Village & Museum
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