About the Library

Staff Contacts

Library Director: Adrienne Pettinelli (she/her) adrienne.pettnelli@libraryweb.org

Circulation Supervisor: Terry Hill (she/her) theresa.hill@libraryweb.org

Assistant Director & Adult Services: Jen Barth (she/her) jennifer.barth@libraryweb.org

Assistant Director & Technology Services: Alicia Reinhardt (she/her) alicia.reinhardt@libraryweb.org

Head of Youth Services: Laura Lintz (she/her) laura.lintz@libraryweb.org

Communications Librarian Trainee: Julia Cougle (she/her) julia.cougle@libraryweb.org


Outreach Services                               

Interested in us visiting your group? We do storytimes, presentations about library services, and pop-up libraries and would be happy to bring our services to you. To make a request, give us a call at (585)359-7092, e-mail a specific staff member, or e-mail henrietta.information@libraryweb.org.